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Xylo Living

-   Furniture That Fits Your Style

-   Furniture That Fits Your Life

-   Furniture That Grows With You

Xylo Living is a flexible furniture platform. This system relies on easy to assemble and disassemble furniture components. The majority of these components will be interchangeable between different types of furniture. This allows furniture pieces to be broken down to a modular or a component level for easy transportation. In addition, people who have limited living space in their home/apartment can easily switch out their living room furniture for dining room furniture as needed.


Imagine having a sofa and coffee table that can be easily transformed into a dining room table when you want to host a dinner party and can easily fit into a Honda Civic when it is time to move.


Xylo Living Furniture is perfect for use in Single Family Homes, Townhomes, Apartments, Yachts/Boats, Schools, Multifunction Spaces, Cafes/Restaurants, Camping/Glamping Tents, RVs/Mobile/Motor Homes, Tiny Homes, Modular/Prefab/Pod Homes, Micro Apartments, Vacation Homes, Patios, Verandas, Porches, Space Ships, etc.

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